Work Experience

Intel Labs (AI Software Solutions Engineer/Research) , USA, (August 2022- Present)

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NIH Project - CamAfib (Software Developer Leader) , USA, (August 2018 - May 2021)

I am working as a Lead App Developer on an NIH-funded research study. The app passively captures the user’s pulse signal using the front-facing camera. Signal capture is performed in the background while the user interacts with the device as he/she normally would. We investigate various techniques to suppress the impact of spontaneous user motion and fluctuations in ambient light conditions expected in non-participatory environments. Techniques include traditional signal processing, machine learning classifiers, and deep learning methods.

  • Real-time frame capturing and processing at 30 FPS
  • On device face-similarity to target single user recordings
  • Custom design scheduling algorithm to capture camera frames in the background
  • Reminder system for users to record for manual recording
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning model for the prediction

Century Mold- Collaborative Robot project (Research Co-Lead) , USA, (August 2018 - 2019)

Century Mold is a leading North American injection molder that services the Automotive industry. UR-5e co-bot integrated with the existing molding process where the robot is responsible for loading and unloading parts. The objective of the project was to increase productivity and efficiency. The project is completed and achieves the desired cycle time.

  • Molding processes simulated with UR-5e robot and detail cycle timing analysis performed.
  • Different end effector designed and tested in simulation
  • Actual UR-5e programmed for the task
  • Repeatably test are conducted.
  • Robot’s trajectory was optimized.

Videk Inc. - Software Engineer, USA, (June 2015 - July 2016)

While working at Videk Inc, I was responsible for designing \& developing a modern designer user interface from the ground up using the Qt framework. The application was responsible for receiving and rendering uncompressed high-speed camera feed for printing quality inspection with multiple tools support. The application was integrated with the existing backend core and was given multi-language support with inbuilt browser integration.

  • Designing a new user interface(desktop/touchscreen) using Qt framework
  • High speed camera image handling (displaying)
  • Collaborative working with software team
  • Bug fixes and performance improvement

Ceren Computer and Software - Software Engineer, Turkey, (Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2011)

While I was working at Ceren Computer, I worked on two projects as a software engineer. The first project was the K9 which is an accounting application written in Qt (C++). The second application was SYS (Salon Management System). Both applications work on three major OS (Mac OS, Linux, and Windows). My task was to developed a new module, bug fixes, and optimizations. Both projects relied on a shared kernel library that we build in-house.

  • Advanced Qt and C++ programming
  • Bugs fixes and developing new module for main application
  • Collaborative working with software team
  • Documentation of code and end user manual

Teaching Experience

RIT - Adjunct Instructor, USA, (Jan 2017 - May 2017)

In the spring semester of 2017, I taught EEEE-346 Advance Programming (C++) course. I had 20 students, both undergraduate and graduate students. I have covered fundamental of C++ topics such as basics, loops, pointers, object-oriented programming, inheritance, polymorphism, and file processing.

RIT - Adjunct Instructor, USA, (Jan 2016 - May 2016)

In the spring semester of 2016, I taught the EEEE-536/636 Bio-Robotics/Cybernetics course. This course included both undergraduate and graduate students. I covered the fundamental of bio-robotics and machine learning. Initially, biological signals of EMG, ECG, EEG, and EOG were introduced, and machine learning algorithms (parametric and non-parametric methods) such as Linear Regression, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Neural Network, and Random Forest. 

Professional Experience

  • Co-Program Chair atIEEE System of Systems Engineering conference (SoSE) – 2024
  • Registration Chair at IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) – 2023
  • Co-Publication Chair at IEEE System, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) – 2023
  • Co-Program Chair at IEEE System of Systems Engineering conference (SoSE) – 2022
  • Co-Program Chair at IEEE System of Systems Engineering conference (SoSE) – 2020
  • Co-Publication Chair at IEEE System of Systems Engineering conference (SoSE) – 2019